Steps to writing a good essay

Understand/deconstruct the question

  • Identify the topic
  • Find the relevant dates
  • Define key concepts or specific factors
  • Reflect on the command term(s)

Plan and write the essay

The introduction

  • Show that you understand the question
  • Indicate the scope of the essay
  • Set your line of argument
  • Provide a transition to the first paragraph

The main body / 4-6 paragraphs / each paragraph should include

  • A clear opening sentence which links to the questions and states the key point or argument of the paragraph
  • Evidence which supports the point given in the first sentence
  • Critical analysis and perspectives/explanation
  • A final sentence which sums up the argument of the paragraph and leads on to the next paragraph

The conclusion

  • Restate your main point or argument
  • Link back to the title to show that your argument answered the question set. Don’t introduce any new points or evidence in your conclusion. 

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